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Scare Attraction OUT NOW

IT'S HALLOWEEN! Enjoy our micro budget film today. SCARE ATTRACTION - Official Trailer. DVD & Digital OUT NOW - HMV, Morrison's, Amazon Prime, SKY STORE, iTunes, Virgin Movies.

Love Nest reality TV stars Peter and Susie attend a Halloween Scare Attraction arranged by their manager. When they arrive, they're disappointed to discover the event is run by a group of terrible amateur actors. After touring the scare attraction, they are led into an escape room, where they are locked in. Suddenly the escape room turns deadly as gas leaks in leaving them unconscious. When they awake, the reality TV stars find themselves bound and trapped in individual chairs. A voice tells them they must tell a truth or die. Who will survive the real scare attraction?

I star as Cathy, the high maintenance tour guide and manager of the attraction. Check out my Irish accent in this one.